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Transport quotes 

A platform for instant Transport Quotes from different Transport Companies in South Africa 

Transport Quotes is the leading loading marketplace in South Africa and bring the quotes to you. Customers benefit from the excellent service and the lowest possible transportation quotes from the transportation companies in South Africa. Saving you valuable time, saving you money and taking the load off your shoulders.

Our service is online, very easy to use and it costs you nothing! With Transport Quotes you simply list all the freight you need moved or transported whether it be furniture moving, bulk transport or cold goods transportation. Different transport companies will then compete for your business. You simply compare and select the best transport quote.

Whatever your logisticial needs quality freight logistics companies are listed on this platform to bring you the best possible quotes to transport your freight in a cost effective way. Whether you need a Superlink, Tautliner or a Flatbed  the best customised solutions for the transport of your cargo can be found here at Transport Quotes and our easy to use online tools offer the customer the opportunity to easily manage the transporting process.

Transport companies that register as a transporter add value to their business when using Transport Quotes as a central point of control for their business. Feedback and data given by the client are captured after the load has been delivered. This information is very useful to the freight transport companies in improving their level of service and competitiveness in the market.

Whatever the haul when using Transport Quotes you can be sure of the best transport quotes from the hauling companies - no matter how big or how small the load is.

The benefits to the Client of receiving Transport Quotes from various Transport Companies in South Africa

  1. Saving you valuable time spent on the phone getting various quotes from different comapnies.
  2. Transport companies offer you their best service.
  3. A reduction in transport costs due to the competitiveness between the different freight transport companies for your business.

 The benefits to the Transport Companies in South Africa for using Transport Quotes 

  1. Transport companies can search for loads/business at one central point.
  2. Receive useful information from Transport Quotes that can improve the quality of their business.
  3. Transport Quotes is beneficial in effective route planning avoiding you loss of money because of trucks that return empty.

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